Holistic Mental Health

A Holistic Mental Health Practitioner 

Welcome to holistic mental health blog. Hi I am Tyler Woods to see my website go here. www.tylerwoods.me  Feel free to go there to book an appointment either in person, phone or Skype.

Here is my blog page and feel free to go through the blogs and my media. My hope is you find a holistic approach to you mental health and wellness and that it teaches you something.

Holistic mental health believes that we all have the wisdom necessary to work through our issues and encompasses the mind, the body and the spirit to encourage a sense balance and well being. Traditional psychotherapy believes that symptoms are the problem therefore the psychotherapist goal is to eliminate symptoms, holistic counseling believes if there is an issue it’s in the tissue, and seeks to understand the message behind the symptoms. 

Holistic mental health offers a drug free way to feel better. It looks beyond medications and helps the client connect with alternative mental health therapies like health, nutrition, spirituality, and can help change lifestyle habits to achieve optimal psychological functioning.

​Enjoy Tyler Woods blog and media page.