Holistic Mental Health

 Teaching people to walk in peace one step at a time
   Tyler Woods Ph.D. 520-861-6632


What degrees does Tyler Woods Have?

Tyler Woods has a Masters in Psychology Counseling and a Ph.D. in Holistic Health.

What was the curriculum for her Masters program?
Counseling Theories
Professional Counseling Ethics
Group Dynamics
Abnormal Psychology
Advanced Personality Theories
Life Span Development
Family Systems
Substance Abuse
The Helping Professional
Appraisals of Individuals
Multicultural Foundations
Research and Statistics 
Social and Lifestyle Issues
Advanced Study in Depression
Energy Medicine
Holistic Health and Pharmacology 
Traditional Pharmacology
Practicum (Survivors of Suicide and Crisis Center)

Where did Tyler Woods get her Ph.D.?
Creative Health Institute is located in Tucson, Arizona. CHI is an accredited educational institution offering a wide range of course work focused on Practical Healthcare which assumes that the individual is more than just the body.

What is curriculum like? 
The Ethics of Caring 
Anatomy and Physiology for Holistic Practitioners 
Esoteric Anatomy
Principles of Nutrition and Herbology 
Mind, Movement, and Meditation 
Spiritual and Psychic Healing 
Body-mind Counseling Skills
Health & Ecopsychology  
Healing Diversity 
Psychology of the Meridian Systems 
Advanced Nutrition and Herbology 
Healing Healthcare Science 
Cultures, Climates, & Cuisine 
Creating Cultural Change 
Healing Socially & Politically 
Healing Art & Culture 
Healing Work, Psychology & Spirit
Internship (Dr.Thomas Maday Kiensologist who focused on herbal medicines, supplements and homeopathics to help create wellness and balance.)

Anything else I should know about Tyler Woods Qualifications?
Tyler Woods is a board certified holistic health practitioner though the American Alternative Medical Associate. In addition, she is a certified energy healer, a registered life coach, certified holistic health counselor, a member of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and a member of the Holistic Health Association, and an ordained non-denominational minister.