Researchers have begun observing a growing trend in counselors, life coaches and holistic mental health practitioners are now seeing some of their clients via the telephone such as Skype, Google Duo and of course rooms such as Zoom for group sessions. A body of research has positive results on the efficiency of telephone counseling to 
in-person counseling and has found that more than half of clients (58%) who had experienced both in-person and phone counseling preferred phone counseling. A 2002 study found that phone counseling clients rate their counseling relationship similarly to in-person clients.

Holistic treatment means takes into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms and more and more people are wanting a greener holistic approach. 

Tele-therapy improves access to mental healthcare by helping clients overcome barriers to care including scheduling limitations as well as mobility restriction, illness, travel, childcare challenges and transportation difficulties. Holistic Mental Health offers
 tele holistic mental health counseling and services that include:
Individual, Couples & Family Counseling
Skills-Based Training (Mindfulness-Meditation
Support Groups on Line
Psychoeducation (Stress & Anger & Fear Management)
Life Coaching
Solution-Focused Treatment

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