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Tyler Woods, Ph.D. is a qualified holistic mental health practitioner who concentrates on healing mental health issues through a holistic lens. She understands that as human beings we are multi-dimensional, interlinked and inseparable. Dr. Woods' work hinges on a variety of theoretical perspectives covering a broad view of health and wellness, addressing the multidimensionality of human beings. This provides good holistic counseling care.

Welcome to Tucson Holistic Mental Health which is a holistic approach to mental health care. Tyler Woods Ph.D. Is not a psychologist or a licensed mental health counselor. She retired from mental health in 2009 to put her Ph.D. to use to help people find a more holistic and spiritual way to cope with mental and spiritual health issues and she does not prescribe medications.

Dr. Woods is board certified with the American Alternative Medical Association.She does so much more than just manage your symptoms. It's an approach that emphasizes the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit and can be any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional western medicine. Tyler, who is a board certified holistic health practitioner, can facilitate clients towards optimum health and wellness and achieve balance over chaos.

For your convience Dr Woods does phone and Skype sessions.

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