A Holistic Mental Health Practitioner 

Tyler Woods has a Ph.D. in holistic health and and a Master’s degree in psychology counseling, and a bachelor's degree in holistic psychology. She is qualified and has worked in the field for 25 years. She has extensive background in crisis management and suicide prevention and postvention. She provides an integrative approach to the healing process and enjoys using a variety of healing techniques and modalities. Tyler Woods concentrates on healing mental health issues through a holistic lens. She understands that as human beings we are multi-dimensional, interlinked and inseparable. Traditional psychotherapy believes that symptoms are the problem therefore the goal is to eliminate symptoms, and seeks to understand the message behind the symptoms. 

Holistic mental health means being able to look at the system as a whole. Clients have an array of options in holistic mental health and are empowered with the fact that they have a choice in their treatment option. The client as well as the holistic mental healthcare provider work together as a team to make sure the body, the mind, and the spirit is being treated as a whole. Tyler believes that healing occurs when we choose a sense of balance over chaos, the effects of which can flow throughout the mind body spirit until it is visible. Please look into her other pages. 
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Using The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Toward Mental Well Being