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Holistic Mental Health Coach Certification
Mediation Certification
Holistic Grief Coach

You can achieve your professional goals with minimum cost while learning in your home! These Certification programs are led by outstanding professionals and certification will enhance your professional skills, or allow you to gain new skills that you always dreamed of.

This 30-credit program is facilitated by Tyler Woods, Ph.D. a professional Holistic Mental Health and has worked in the field for over 20 years. This certificate is for anyone who wants to gain credentials as a Holistic Mental Health Coach. You will learn about:

--The connections between mind, body and spirit
--Adding holistic mental healthcare to an already existing counseling practice
--Developing a private practice as a holistic health care coach
--Facilitation client decision making regarding mental healthcare choices
--Developing a holistic mental healthcare focus for a specified population
--Learn how to work with people and help them deal with specific issues

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